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Increase your ecommerce stores search engine traffic, conversions and revenue with our specialist ecommerce search marketing services. We'll work with you as an extension of your team to provide you with the strategy and direct support you need to increase your websites market share.

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Welcome to Search Solved

Search Solved is a specialist e-commerce marketing agency, built from the ground up to meet and exceed the needs of e-commerce managers looking to improve top line numbers and stay ahead in an ever-evolving industry.

We're E-Commerce Marketing Experts

We provide the long-term planning, strategy and support required to deliver maximum return on investment, as well as the quick wins needed for short term revenue gains.

E-commerce managers are on the front lines of growth and often tell us they feel overwhelmed by everything they’re not doing… With so many options you could be focusing your resources on, which ones should you be focusing on?

Search Solved was created with this sole need in mind, we exist to solve those e-commerce marketing headaches by providing the analysis, insight and actionable deliverables to enable your team to quickly implement the improvements needed to move the dial and gain market share across organic (SEO) and paid (PPC) search marketing channels.

We work closely with our clients to understand their business needs, goals and limitations to develop comprehensive search marketing strategies, tailored to be easily understood by all stakeholders and designed to provide you with maximum ROI.

  • Specialist E-commerce marketing agency
  • Data driven, results focussed campaigns
  • Actionable insights
  • Dedicated account management and support
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E-commerce SEO Services

E-commerce sites offer unique SEO challenges with big rewards. The challenge for search engines is how to efficiently crawl, index and understand websites which may have tens of thousands of SKU’s spread across hundreds or thousands of categories and sub-categories.

As sites scale over time, then often the underlying technical roadblocks to search engines scale too. If left unresolved, then these issues can really hold back e-commerce sites from reaching their potential organic search market share.

Our e-commerce SEO services start with identifying and removing these fundamental technical and architectural roadblocks to search, providing the foundations required for longer term SEO strategies to gain maximum traction and success.

  • Experienced e-commerce SEO specialists
  • SEO Consultancy, projects and campaigns
  • Increase organic search visibility and market share
  • Identify and target new opportunities for growth
  • Proprietary SEO market share reporting - Reveal your competitors and where your store sits within the SEO landscape
  • Dedicated SEO support team
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E-commerce PPC Services

Pay per click marketing can provide e-commerce businesses with great ROI when done correctly, but unless you have comprehensive experience, it is very easy to waste money with high campaign spending levels with less than optimal returns.

Our e-commerce PPC management services start with a comprehensive review of any existing campaigns to identify where efficiencies can be made and provide actionable recommendations going forward. From Product Listing Ads, time sensitive sales campaigns to local lead generation for ‘clicks and mortar’ stores – we can help you to get the right clicks tailored to your business objectives & goals.

  • Experienced e-commerce PPC specialists
  • PPC Consultancy, projects and campaigns
  • Data driven, intelligent campaigns that pay for themselves
  • Conversion and ROI obsessed in-house team
  • Find new customers and increase engagement
  • Dedicated PPC support team
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E-commerce UX and CRO

We help our clients to truly understand what users are really looking for when landing on their stores, and their underlying motivations, with a view to increasing conversion rates and other key business metrics.

By identifying customer needs and expectations via in-depth analysis, we define all optimisations and launch
a comprehensive action plan to leverage UX & CRO opportunities and, ultimately, help users fulfil their desired actions quicker and easier by shaping on-site experience and customer journeys.

  • Experienced e-commerce UX & CRO specialists
  • UX/CRO Consultancy, projects and campaigns
  • Improve effectiveness of on-site experience
  • Turn traffic into conversions
  • Test and tailor improved experiences to appeal to target audiences
  • Turn first time visitors into long-term customers
  • Help visitors achieve their goals on-site
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If you’re an ecommerce manager looking to take your search marketing to the next level, then why not get in touch to discuss your needs? We can quickly provide you with a top-level analysis of your current performance, the competitive market space and the key areas to target for growth.

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